S-OPR 45

ABB OPR 45 air terminal lightning protection

- Protection radius 63-89 m

(depending on level selection in design) at a height of 5 m above the shielding structure

- Standard NF C 17-102

The OPR efficiency (ΔT) Lightning is one of the most spectacular meteorological phenomena. Generated by the interaction of clouds elements (water and ice), it can kill, injure and damage. The unique efficiency of the OPR Early streamer emission is based on the difference (ΔT), measured in a laboratory, in between the emission time of the OPR and the one from a simple rod. The OPR ESE air terminal is composed of a striking point connected to a down conductor to conduct the lightning to the ground.

Complete autonomy During a storm the ambient electric field may rise from 600 V to 10-20 kV/m. When the electric field reach this level representing a minimum risk for a lightning, the OPR begins to get activated and generates high voltage pulses, helping to create and propagating an upward leader. After a strike on the OPR, the lightning current is driven to ground by the down conductor to the earth termination system.

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