Grounding Test Box


          Ground Test Box refer to a junction box used for test, isolated ground and connect between ground wire and the other system such as lightning protection system, surge protection system, Power-electrical grounding system, Data grounding system, Communications grounding system, Signal grounding system, etc. There are 3 type of Ground Test Box : Poly Vinyl Chloride ,  Aluminium  and  Stainless steel.  IP=65   Thickness  2mm.


  • D4G_4225.jpg
    Alluminium Ground Test Box 350x250x170 mm.

  • D4G_4223.jpg
    PVC Ground Test Box (ABS) IP 65 350x250x170 mm.

  • Untitled-2.jpg
    Stainless Steel Ground Test Box 350x250x170 mm.
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