S-SSP3115C 10KVA48


1) Ensure that the inverter has the correct d/c voltage for your boat or vehicle system is 24 V.

2) Fit as close to the batteries as possible, the shorter the d/c cables the better.

Voltage drop on long cables will effect the unit’sperformance.

3) Do not reverse the cables! Connect the red cable to the positive terminal and the black cable to the negative terminal of the battery. In the event of reverse polarity the unit could be totally destroyed.

4) Always use the inverter in an environment which is well ventilated, not exposed to direct sunlight or a heat source, away from water, moisture, oil or grease, away from any highly inflammable substance, out of reach from children.

5) The output voltage of this unit must never be on your AC system at the same time as any other a/c source such as the 230/110V external mains line or a generator. All external power must go through the Solar Inverter.

6) Always switch on the Solar inverter first, before plugging in any appliance.

7) Under new electrical legistion only professional electrictions should install this product. Ensure the fitting instructions are fully understood before fitting this product.



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