Gel Battery 55AH/12V


• NP 12V battery series for high performance, multi-energy design;

• Design life (25 C): 7+ years (24Ah above); 3 years (17Ah or less);

• When the one-way exhaust valve is safe and has a long battery life;

• Absorption glass mat technology allows gas in line with efficiency up to 99%, so that the electrolyte is maintenance-free function;

• Professionally designed lead calcium tin aluminum alloy grid, minimizing the amount of gas produced, and can be easily cycle recycled;

• Excellent large current discharge performance, long service life;

• Excellent deep discharge performance, in line with DIN43539 T5 standards;

• Low self-discharge rate (about 3% per month at 20 C);

• Housing material: ABS; optional ABS, UL94-V0;

• It can be used in any orientation. Vertical, lateral, or side placement;

• Completely recycled.

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